Post-truth Politics Media Debates in Communication

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Post-truth Politics Media Debates in Communication

Muhammad Mashhood



This article makes the readers able to understand the “post-truth phenomena”, it is used in media debates as a strategy internationally and nationally. The study discussed in detail post-truth history, its types, continuation of post-truth, disobedient views of post-truth, uses of post truth and studied post-truth in literature review. Pakistan as a case study was analysed with the global context and concluded. The use of post-truth phenomena in media as strategy during political campaign on any issue. The study answers that the elite of political parties and media using the post-truth phenomena as campaign strategy during the political campaign or election campaign. Political leaders and media influencing their message on others in a limited time to change their selective choice. The library reading methodological approach and theory of elite power were used to analyse the reading stuff and found the exist method of politics as post-truth in indigenous terms were found in Pashtu Language as “Dozmar” and “Bongi” in Urdu and Panjabi. These types of statements producing the messenger intentionally to keep audience busy, happy, and emotional with himself.

keywords: post-truth, propaganda, politics, Media debates, political campaign & communication.