The Eternal Coexistence of Art and Politics

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Future of Social Sciences

Year: 2023



The Eternal Coexistence of Art and Politics

Smaragda Skordi




In this article, the relationship between politics and art is discussed, through a pertinent literature review. Functions of art are described and ways of promoting political ideas are delineated. Art has served regimes from the beginning of the existence of human societies and still does. In this piece of writing, the contribution of art in political movements and revolutions of 20th and 21st centuries is analytically described. Options that refer to the frame of artistic creations and to the epoch they belong to are considered. Opinions of intellectuals are discussed and contradictions are depicted in order to shape an integrated view about the association among politics and art. Readers will gain knowledge of how to form a critical opinion and to avoid being only customers or consumers of art. But we should also be co-formulators of social conditions, politics and our life in general, through the art, with the assistant of artists and with the support of Official State.

keywords: authorities, culture, influence, manipulation, revolution