A Success Story of an Academic Success Program

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2022



A Success Story of an Academic Success Program

Tsoghik Grigoryan, Paolo Rossetti, Gerry Gibson, Tim Beer, Nicholas Bates, Francisca Roberts



Recently, research about student success and motivation have figured prominently in the field of higher education. The notion that student success represents successful institutional policy and procedure, whereas, student failure is the lack of student competency and skills, need to be reconsidered. This article represents a success case that details about the foundation process of an Academic Success Program in a tertiary level institution in the United Arab Emirates. The process and outcomes are analyzed for student success using Kolb’s Experiential Learning model and Vygotsky’s Activity Theory through the following factors: ASP tutTrak app and tutorial zones, tutors, tutees and success stories. This case is an example of a well-planned teamwork of scholars who managed to found Academic Success Centers in 17 campuses across UAE simultaneously and recorded a big success.

keywords: academic success, faculty-tutor, peer-mentor, peer-tutor, tutorial.