The Inclusion of Happy Workplace: Between Theory and Practice

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2022



The Inclusion of Happy Workplace: Between Theory and Practice

Randa El Bedawy, Nourhan Sayed



The concept of ‘Happy Workplace’ has recently gained remarkably the attraction to explore its practices and significance for different work contexts especially after the pandemic of COVID-19 to overcome employees’ burnout. Yet, few studies have been conducted along the Egyptian context. The study examines the role that organizations can have to promote employees’ happiness at workplace, adding to shed the light on its impact on employees’ wellbeing and work performance. The study is an exploratory qualitative research based on a case study approach to share best practices for developing a happy workplace as applied successfully in an Egyptian pioneer company in real estate. A mix of interviews and questionnaires were analyzed to evaluate the impact of key determinants of happiness at workplace. The study recommends embedding a happy workplace to achieve a higher level work productivity.

keywords: employee well-being, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, employee burnout, organization behavior.