Hauser-Feshbach Statistical Modeling of 233U (N, F)

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Academic Research in Science, Technology and Engineering

Year: 2022



Hauser-Feshbach Statistical Modeling of 233U (N, F)

Cristiana Oprea1, Alexandru Mihul, Ioan Alexandru Oprea, Ion Gruia



Nuclear data obtained in the research of 233Uranium fission are of great importance for nuclear reactors based on the Th-U fuel cycle. Fission cross-sections, mass and charge distributions, prompt emission in fission including neutron multiplicities, yields of some isotopes of interest as – 232Uranium, and associated uncertainties were obtained. This paper presents the theoretical predictions and the first results on 233U(n,f) by applying Talys and the author’s computer codes, dedicated to nuclear reaction mechanisms and the structure of nuclei calculations.

First, the fission mass distributions and product yields were simulated using the Brosa model. For some cases, the fission yield isomeric ratios were calculated using different models of gamma and neutron sources. Uncertainties induced by nuclear data were quantified using preliminary, energy-dependent relative covariance matrices evaluated with ENDF nuclear data and processed for the studied fission process.

Keywords: 233U (n,f) process, Hauser-Feshbach modeling, cross sections, mass distribution, fission yields.