Securitization Of the Environment during the COVID-19 Crisis

Proceedings of ‏The 5th International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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Securitization Of the Environment during the COVID-19 Crisis

Dr.Sana Kadhim Qati, Abbas Shati Thajeel



Environmental security is one of the most important components of the sustainability of life on Earth, as it contributes to the ability of individuals to practice their various activities. This study is an attempt to show the most important environmental issues affecting global security, which are likely to cause environmental collapse in the twenty-first century, and how to secure it before. The governments of the world, especially the major ones, in coordination and cooperation with the scientific agenda. The study depended on the theory of securitisation inspired by the Copenhagen School, and the study came to the conclusion that regional solutions regarding environmental problems are the best solution in dealing with environmental crises in light of international chaos and for Absorbing future shocks, and the topic of securitizing the Covid-19 crisis, which was presented in political and scientific discourses as an important environmental model that threatens human existence on Earth, which is a turning point in security studies as it contributed to restoring national security priorities and has a clear impact and interdependence with each other , such as political issues Which led the countries of the world to take exceptional measures in dealing with the crisis, and we conclude the article with a number of conclusions on the topic of research.

Keywords: Securitisation theory, environmental issues, regional environmental security complex, COVID-19 crisis.