The Effects of Screen Time on Health in General

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2022



The Effects of Screen Time on Health in General

Naso Isaiah Thanavisuth



Nowadays, many people have been switching over to using devices more often than usual especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools had to go online including multiple business companies and many other jobs. I would like to know whether excessive screen time would affect someone in a good or bad way. In this research we sent out a survey to a total of 515 people. The results that came out were very interesting. There were a lot more people using smartphones than there were on any other devices. Some people averaged up to more than 8 hours per day. In those cases, many of the participants had neck pain and back pain which are common in participants who had more than 8 hours on smartphones. The same also applies for computers with more symptoms including low back pain and body aches. We learned that the job which requires the most usage on devices are company employees, which most of them use for work but also for entertainment. I can conclude from my research that even though a high amount of exposure to screen time may cause a high risk to mental and physical health, it sometimes is necessary because online devices have taken over. Multiple jobs and schools rely on online devices to work and teach more efficiently, but you should also know that no matter what your health should always come first.

keywords: Screen time, Mental health, Physical health, Online devices, Covid-19 .