On the Issue of Developing a General Legal Theory of National Interests

Proceedings of ‏The 5th International Conference on New Findings On Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2020

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/5th.hsconf.2020.11.110

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On the Issue of Developing a General Legal Theory of National Interests

Zaurbek A. Saidov, Bela B. Bidova



the relevance of the research topic is due to both the theoretical and practical significance of the entire complex of issues regarding the formation of a set of national interests, as well as those related to ensuring their implementation in the conditions of modern Russian statehood, that is, the theory of national interests. The national interests of the Russian Federation are defined as objectively significant needs of the individual, society and the state in ensuring their security and sustainable development, which determines a complex multi-level systemic nature and indicates the target component of this scientific phenomenon.
Russia is one of the largest states in the world with a developed economy and a multinational population, which, of course, leaves its mark on the essence, content and necessity of protecting and protecting national interests. At the same time, the process of successful realization of national interests is seriously influenced by the problem of their legal support; national interests are becoming important areas of state legal policy. These circumstances, along with others, form the basis for the formation, determination of promising directions for the realization of national interests, including through the implementation of priority national projects.
Of course, national interests have a direct impact on the formulation of tasks for ensuring national security; they are interconnected and interdependent; national interests are included in the content of national security. The theory of national interests, including the mechanism for ensuring their implementation, is based on numerous philosophical, legal, general theoretical and industry studies.
At the same time, despite the elaboration of certain aspects of ensuring national, mainly state, interests, the variety of scientific studies devoted to national security, the problem of understanding the nature, essence and content, role and significance, as well as the mechanism for ensuring the implementation of the national interests of modern Russia in its general legal perspective is still practically unexplored, which predetermined the goals, objectives and methodology of this research.

Keywords: concept; needs; implementation mechanism; interests; national interests; protection of national interests; theoretical and methodological approach; theories of state and law.