Teaching the Multi-Intelligent Classroom

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education

Year: 2022



Teaching the Multi-Intelligent Classroom

Maria Dumitrescu, BEd, BA, MA



The article will introduce you to the theory of multiple intelligences, help you make the necessary connections between different learning styles so that you can produce effective and efficient lessons that will provide for all of your learners, no matter what their learning styles or intelligence may be.  By using a variety of communication and teaching strategies, you can find unlimited ways to nurture the multiple intelligences of your individual learners while still catering to the needs of the learners as a group. The paper will bring arguments in support of the question: why the multicultural intelligent educator must have high cross-cultural communication skills, high empathy and should use mindfulness to prepare the lessons so they (the teacher, as well as the lessons) prepare our learners for the real world.

keywords: cross-cultural communication, learning styles, mindfulness, multiculturalism, multiple intelligences .