Three Language Formulae in National Education Policy, 2020 of India

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education

Year: 2022



Three Language Formulae in National Education Policy, 2020 of India

Dr. Anubha Ray, Dr. Sadanand Meher



The National Education Policy, 2020 of India has emphasized the continuance of the three language formulae that focuses on the use of mother tongue and native language, bilingual methods of teaching from early to higher education. Odisha has more than twenty tribal languages and imparting education to these children has had several challenges which has resulted in severe   school dropouts. The study attempts to find out the possible educational outcomes of the language policy from the NEP 2020. The researchers conducted a survey with parents, teachers and language experts from Odisha. The finding summarises that the bi-lingual method plays a significant role in the early childhood learning experience and subjects like Maths and Science can be better understood in the mother language. The study found that majority of the parents would like their wards to take up English as the third language. English will not be the choice for early education and maybe skipped completely from school education as per the language experts. The problem of teacher inadequacy and lack of proper training may pose serious hindrances as it had happened in the past.

keywords: bilingual, India, native, NEP 2020, three-language.