Level of Communicative Competencies of Primary School Teachers in the Czech Republic

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education

Year: 2022



Level of Communicative Competencies of Primary School Teachers in the Czech Republic

Renata Kárníková, Jana Miková



Communication is one of the essential working tools of teachers. Through communication, not only teaching takes place, but also other situations that belong to teachers’ daily work lives. Every day, they communicate not only with pupils, colleagues, and superior colleagues but also very often with parents, social and legal child protection authorities, pedagogical and psychological counselors, and special pedagogical centers, with communication with the court and the police being no exception. Teachers’ communication is very variable, and they often get into new situations that need solving. In addition, communication is a crucial competence that should be developed in elementary schools. It is essential to mention that a competent teacher should have an excellent command of this skill in order to be able to teach it to his or her students.
The presented research dealt with teachers’ level of communicative competence in elementary schools in the Czech Republic. Two hundred twenty-four respondents from three erratically drawn regions participated in the research. Respondents were pedagogical hirelings such as teachers, principals, and teaching assistants from elementary schools. Kindergarten teachers also participated in the research in minimal numbers.

The research was performed through a questionnaire survey in which closed items prevailed. The results show that communicative competence is vital for teachers in their personal, civic, and professional lives, but only 13 % of respondents answered “definitely yes” when asked whether they thought they could communicate very well.

keywords: communication, communicative competence, primary school teachers.