Factors affecting the success of women entrepreneurs in Egypt

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2022



Factors affecting the success of women entrepreneurs in Egypt

Miriam Abdelwahid, Hebatalla Kaoud



Women’s entrepreneurship is still a topic of interest on a global scale. The rate of female entrepreneurship is low in countries in which gender inequality is high, according to many scholars. The predominance of cultural practices that exacerbate favoritism towards men is a major contributor to gender inequality in developing countries. Women become entrepreneurs for two different reasons: out of choice or out of need. The purpose of this study is to explore factors affecting Egyptian women entrepreneur’s success. The nature of this work is exploratory in nature, following a qualitative approach. The authors conducted Eight In-depth interviews with Egyptian women entrepreneurs from different sectors. The success of women entrepreneurs in Egypt is influenced by many factors such as inspiration, opportunity recognition, motivation and passion, friends and family support, use of social media platforms a technology, sustainable environment strategy and Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem. This study serves as a foundation for further research and discussion on entrepreneurship discipline.

keywords: Egypt, Entrepreneurship, Factors, Success, Women entrepreneurs.