De-Gendering: Toward a gender-inclusive-workplace in the restaurant industry

Proceedings of The 4th World Conference on Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



De-Gendering: Toward a gender-inclusive-workplace in the restaurant industry

Hsin-Yun Chang



This study analyses the de-gendering profile of people working in the restaurant industry. We first reviewed the phenomenon segregation of occupations is at home and abroad and the latest developments in occupational de-gendering. Studies related to various segregation of occupations are synthesized. The researchers developed a de-gendering configuration indicator and the organizational changes after de-gendering, totaling 38 topics in 2 configurations. Results are subject to spss22 for statistical analysis to explore the de-gendering of restaurant industry establishments in Taiwan. The results of the study showed that the average score of the de-gendering awareness test for restaurant industry workers was 4.14-4.42. This shows that there is no significant difference in gender awareness among employees in the restaurant industry (the respondents whose responses are close to a scale of 7 are considered male, and women will be analyzed on a scale close to 1, with a score of 4 indicating neutrality). In addition, there is a lot of room for gender-neutral in the industry, and the difference in gender consciousness between the sexes is not obvious, with an average score of 3.99-4.42. And, the more room for de-gendering, the higher the job satisfaction of men and women.

keywords: De-Gendering, Restaurant Industry, Gender Segregation, Gender Awareness.