Blended Learning in the Age of Covid19: Cadi Ayyad University as a Case Study

Proceedings of The 4th World Conference on Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Blended Learning in the Age of Covid19: Cadi Ayyad University as a Case Study

Prof. Hanane El Aissi



There is no doubt that the emergence of Covid19 global pandemic has suddenly turned the world upside down and caused many unexpected changes the globe over. Almost all domains and fields have been harshly affected by this global pandemic either directly or indirectly. The rapid dissemination of the pandemic among people has obliged many governments to impose the confinement and thus stop many economic, social and educational activities. Morocco is regarded as one of the world’s premier countries to take strict healthy measures in order to control contamination and keep its population safe. One of the major strategies advanced by Moroccan government is to set up blended learning and launch distance learning for the first time at all educational levels, especially higher education. Indeed, Moroccan universities, particularly Cadi Ayyad University, have pioneered the adoption of blended learning as an alternative method to classical approaches via creating digital platforms, organizing training for professors, instructors, and students in addition to Lesson recording in both the radio and television. However, although this innovative flexible approach has been a wise solution to keep on the sequence of study uninterrupted, it has indicated many deficiencies. Within this context, the present paper seeks to assess the approach of blended learning in the womb of Cadi Ayyad University following both a qualitative and a quantitative methodology.

keywords: Digital, education, pandemic, platform .