Re-inventing Oneself as Source of Political Consciousness

Proceedings of The 4th World Conference on Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Re-inventing Oneself as Source of Political Consciousness

Wilson C. Pagulayan, Jr.



This paper attempts to present and interpret the significance of re-inventing oneself as source of political consciousness in the context of Foucauldian analysis. According to Fr. Luis David, “post-modernity is seeing again.” By looking into oneself again in a new perspective entails a new improvement not only among individuals but also within the community. Just like in politics there are factors to consider not just the politicians themselves but also every individual who belongs to a society and that these individuals play a vital role in the world of politics. As Arendt would say, “we are a generation that is thought to do things but not actually thinking what we are doing.” This simply represents a generation blinded by systems that leads to disciplinarity. The concept of Politics did not have an immediate impact because it defended the Greek city-state, which was already becoming obsolete during the time of Aristotle. For similar reasons, much Foucault’s discussions of particular political institutions are not directly applicable to modern nation-states not to mention his objectionable defences of slavery, female subservience, and disenfranchisement of the working classes.

keywords: Systematic- Blindness, Self, Desire, Ethical Stance and Personal Transformation.