Agile Transformation: The Roadmap to Getting Started

Proceedings of The 4th World Conference on Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Agile Transformation: The Roadmap to Getting Started

Samira Rafiyeva



Agile is an iterative, cross-functional, team-centric approach that can be applied to any industry and different business environments. Originating in the field of software development, agile prioritizes speed, autonomy, and collaboration in order to unleash the full potential of organizations. The main benefits of agile include 25-35% cost reduction, 20% improvement in quality, and 100-200% faster creation of new products and services. Agile requires building a unified leadership team that is willing to look to the outside world for inspiration to bring about truly radical change. Successful implementation of agile in an organization starts with changing the way that top management works. It is necessary to adopt a flexible way of thinking, to share the values ​​and principles of flexible approaches. Rigid hierarchical organization structure is an obstacle to agile work. BCG experts offer 5 steps to help top management keep the agile transformation on track. One of the main theses is not to be afraid to lose control over the work, since a clear business goal has been formulated in front of the team.

keywords: business, development, flexible, profit, structure.