Teacher Recruitment Guideline for The Schools Conducting New Education System

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2021


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Teacher Recruitment Guideline for The Schools Conducting New Education System

Phiyapa Sirivedin



This study aimed to investigate the condition, problems, needs and solutions to problems of teacher recruitment and the factors contributing to the success of teacher recruitment and retention. Population was twelve schools’ personnel in Princess Chulabhorn Science High School (PCSHS). Fifty key informants were collected from five schools in five regions. Semi-structured interview were used in in-depth and focus group interview. Findings revealed similar recruiting condition to general institutions in three forms: recruiting from central and provincial exams; recruiting from transfer; and recruiting from scholarship students. Five problems were lack of decentralization recruiting policy; lack of school participation; lack of fairness; lack of planning; and other issues such as lack of motivation. Five needs consisted of schools’ teachers recruiting independence; personnel’s participation; committee consideration in teacher selection, decision-making, and setting teachers qualifications such as receiving above Master degree education or honors award; long-term planning; and teachers motivating. Five solutions were to improve existing personnel by networks; provide special payment; procure extra budgets for recruiting; organize mentoring system; recruit by schools themselves. Factors for the success of the recruitment and retention were transparent policies; various appropriate and fair rules and procedures; clear structure and system; and attractive incentives. The findings concluded with five key recruiting guidelines: decentralization; participation; transparency; future-oriented recruitment for teachers maintaining; and diversity-based recruitment. Besides, six teacher recruitment methods for specific school like PCSHS were proposed: the recruiting by exams; by scholarship; by school funding; by personnel transfer; by school personnel selection; and by school or committee nomination.

Keywords: factors, personnel, policy, selection, solution.