People Analytics: A Case Study of the Tool Implementation in a Large Multinational Company

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Applied Science and Engineering

Year: 2022



People Analytics: A Case Study of the Tool Implementation in a Large Multinational Company

André Passamani Noé, Rodrigo Augusto de Andrade, Luiz Melk de Carvalho, Renata Duarte Mellim, Rafaela Priscila Cruz Moreira, Flávio Henrique Batista de Souza



People management has always been a challenge for all organizations, and during the pandemic period, there was an increase in its complexity. Technologies and information systems are one of the tools to mitigate this issue. This article presents a case study of a tool implementation based on People Analytics in a large mining company. Several organizational tools to measure project efficiency have been applied during the implementation of this tool, such as PDCA, 5W2H, SWOT, Organizational Charts, flowcharts among others. The positive impact of this approach on the management system of the company has provided improvements in various aspects. For instance, improvements were observed in the management of data and indicators, responsibilities and processes in the company. The work that was carried out showed the potential capacity of the tool which contributed to the decision-making process based on strategies of the studied organization. In addition, potentialities, based on data analysis with a focus on people management, were observed. One of the examples was a campaign action called “Yellow September” in 2021 (Suicide Prevention), which was disseminated to the entire HR team in order to keep the staff alert about the internal analytical data on the subject, benchmarking tools and analytics techniques to learn about the behavior of the employees.

keywords: People Management, People Analytics, Human Resources, KPIs.