Role of Social Media in Tourism and Its Use by NGO’s: Preliminary Study on Bodrum, Turkey

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2019


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Role of Social Media in Tourism and Its Use by NGO’s: Preliminary Study on Bodrum, Turkey

Ezgi Ozcan and Ruchan Kayman



The purpose of this study ; Bodrum’s destination properties, strengths and weaknesses, social media and tourism relations, social media and marketing extensions and to determine where it is in the field of publicity and marketing of this city which is a tourism paradise; Unions, associations, and foundations in this direction. Also, this study examines; destination image and attitudes toward social media. The narrow area of the work was formed by associations and non-governmental organizations in Bodrum city. In the study, Bodrum was evaluated as a strong potential in terms of tourism at the same time weak cognitive features such as politics, external influences, economics, security are also discussed. By conducting interviews with associations, associations, and associations, the effectiveness of social media, which has become the only agenda of the age, has been investigated as well. In addition, when working hypotheses were tested, the data were combined using different methods. Results of the study; The institutions that play a role in creating the Bodrum image at the country level, the tourism sector employees and the social media users, while the academic area has achieved results that will shed light on destination features and work towards tourism image. With the development and widespread use of technology, the rate of Internet use in our country and the world is rapidly increasing and also consumers are also affected by the marketing of goods and services. In terms of Internet usage and social media tourism operations, it also emerges as an extremely important tool in tourism product preference. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the role of social media in tourism product preference and to evaluate these platforms ethically.

Key Words: social media, online travel information, sustainable tourism, NGO’s role, destination image, destination attributes, Bodrum.