The Role of Law Education in the Formation of the System of Legal Support of National Interests

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



The Role of Law Education in the Formation of the System of Legal Support of National Interests

Bidova Bela Bertovna



to analyze the essence, specifics and practical and scientific importance of ensuring national interests. The author substantiates the statement that one of the main functions of the state has become the implementation of a set of tasks related to the development of national interests, the choice of programs and actions for their implementation, as well as their legal consolidation. Moreover, these aspects of the state’s activities are of great importance for preventing the occurrence of social cataclysms that can harm the whole world. Methodology: in solving the tasks set, the author relied on modern methods of cognition identified and developed by philosophical science and tested by legal practice. The research is based on the principles of cognition of social phenomena, which allow reflecting the relationship between theory and practice, the form and content of the subject of research, the process of development and qualitative changes of the phenomena under consideration. In the course of the study, priority was given to special legal methods of cognition, among which methods of comparative legal analysis, theoretical and legal modeling, legal diagnostics, interpretation of legal texts, and legal statistics should be highlighted. Conclusions: the author offers his own paradigm of national interests, defines the key directions of their summation and determination of place and role, as well as the main features. Scientific and practical significance: it lies in the fact that a consistent analysis of problems in the field of ensuring national interests can significantly affect the theoretical and substantive and technical and legal aspects of regulatory and protective activities, provide a closer link between the fundamental elements of the Russian legal system, including elements of the mechanism for ensuring national security. This, in turn, will preserve the stability of the Russian state and create conditions for its progressive development. In addition, the complex nature determines the significance of the research results for the philosophy and sociology of law, constitutional, administrative, criminal law, as well as a number of other branch and applied legal sciences.

keywords: national interests, theoretical and methodological approach, system of legal support of national interests, law, legal mechanism of implementation.