Child Abuse Protection in Sports and Competions

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Child Abuse Protection in Sports and Competions

Andrei Nastas, Gina Aurora Necula



Relevance of article is caused by transnational character of sport as factor of influence on the interstate relations, and also objective need of complex legal regulation of sports of children taking into account the national and international legal doctrine and practice. Besides need of integration of international legal norms and rules in legal system of the states is emphasized. At the present stage, despite relevance, one international act of human rights contains the situation formulating human right on sports activities or access to sport. However the sport can be considered as an essential component of the right to education and the right to culture. The author investigates the rights of children for sports development, for games and leisure as systems of the norms forming the modern sports relations and offers the industry concept of the international treaty in the sphere of the sports law based on a new theoretic-conceptual framework about human right for harmonious development.

keywords: rights of the child, physical culture, child abuse prevention, sports legislation.