The Dongguan Reeds of China: Dimension, Identity, Culture, History and Development

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on New Trends in Social Sciences

Year: 2022



The Dongguan Reeds of China: Dimension, Identity, Culture, History and Development

Jiali Li, Rosjana Chandhasa, Akapong inkuer, Chanoknart Mayusoh, Pisit Puntien



Reed weaving skills are handicrafts and cultural treasures. Moreover, they are also a significant part of China’s intangible cultural heritage. Therefore, preserving the reed weaving skills, the national intangible cultural heritage, is currently the most important and urgent issue because it can make Dongguan reed wicker products return to their golden age and reappear in daily lives of people in the local community. Dongguan Guan Cao Guan Cao This article provides in-depth studies, including the history of Dongguan Guan Cao weaving technology, the current situation, the material properties of Guan Cao, and the change in consumer demand from the evolution of Guan Cao weaving products. The authors have used qualitative research to search for identity and gain a deeper understanding of the history of weaving, the hardship in the current situation and characteristics of raw materials from reeds.We have conducted a field survey in Daojiao and Shatian districts to find a turning point for introducing Dongguan Gao weaving techniques in intangible cultural heritage tourism. The results showed that China’s Dongguan Reed, dimension, identity, culture, history, and development are an effective way to expand the scope and refresh Guan Gao’s weaving skills to step into the tourism market as a souvenir for tourists. This can lead to the inheritance and development of Guan Gao weaving memory and promote the development of local experience. Weaving Guan grass product design has to meet this era’s development trends, innovation, and development, which is the power of Guan Guan weaving restoration. It is not only part of the product and innovation to create a model, but should also be invented in the weaving process. The arrangement of Guan grass weaving products using various materials is consistent with The Times, to create new articles and requirements for everyday use in order to expand the boundaries of the usage of Guan Chao basketry products.

keywords: Intangible Cultural Heritage, Dongguan reed weaving art, Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism