The Modular System for Furniture Design for Public Rental Housing in China

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on New Trends in Social Sciences

Year: 2022



The Modular System for Furniture Design for Public Rental Housing in China

Xi Chen, Rosjana Chandhasa, Akapong Inkuer, Chanoknart Mayusoh, Pisit Puntien



Public rental housing is an important part of China’s security housing system. In order to better design the furniture suitable for public rental housing, this study analyzes Chongqing municipality, the earliest and most mature development of public rental housing in China. To study the problems existing in the public rental housing type and the demand of the tenants for furniture. In this research, the field investigation method in qualitative research is used to map and analyze the three classic house types. The basic information and furniture needs of 400 tenants were counted. According to the characteristics of public rental housing tenants and furniture needs, from the perspective of modular furniture design, the size, material, function, price and style of furniture are analyzed. It is proposed that the furniture design of small size, multi-functional, removable and panel furniture is more suitable for the needs of public rental housing tenants. The research results show that the furniture design with a modular perspective is more in line with the needs of the target population and the characteristics of public rental housing types. On the one hand, the characteristics can be modular furniture to meet the needs of tenants for versatility and high cost performance. On the other hand, modular furniture can reduce the production cost, flexible disassembly, simple installation characteristics, facilitate online sales and logistics transportation. Has a certain practical significance.

keywords: Public Rental Housing, Modular System, Furniture Design.