High Education Through COVID-19 Lockdown:  Students Perceptions From A Panamanian University

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2021


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High Education Through COVID-19 Lockdown:  Students Perceptions From A Panamanian University

Humberto Álvarez , Brenda Tyril , Jefferson Brooks , Eric Parker , Antonio Jaén , Dennis Arauz , Víctor Pérez and Carlos Bethancourt



One of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic has been education. The presential classes were force to move to online platforms turning it in remote classes. This involved some issues as connectivity quality, learn to manage platforms and improvement of interpersonal communication skills in a short time. During this investigation, the authors collected and evaluated the perception of students chosen by convenience sampling from a Panamanian university. A Cross-sectional study approach helped to catch the responses in the firsts and lasts two weeks of the semester. Some areas as platforms employed, devices and student-professor communication were examinate. Results displayed that a small or high quantity of platforms employed obtain a reject from students. Participants punctuated with a high score to student-professor communication when the number of platforms used where three or four. These platforms according to our responders were Institutional email, Microsoft teams, WhatsApp and Moodle. The result also developed that even if most of the participant as access to a bandwidth internet, connection quality is a must. At least 32% of participants expressed to have issue with connectivity even if they used a computer or a cell phone as a device for access to classes. Throughout the diverse issues the student satisfaction of the first semester of 2020 was good, and just pointed out some recommendation as improve the teaching methodology making it more dynamic.

keywords: coronavirus, remote classes, Panama, teacher and student communication, online platforms.