Determination of Dentists’ Views on Children’s Mouth and Dental Health

Proceedings of ‏The 4th International Conference on Social Science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2020


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Determination of Dentists’ Views on Children’s Mouth and Dental Health

Burçin Aysu, Neriman Aral, Figen Gürsoy, Fatih Aydoğdu



There is limited research on the causes of dental diseases in children. However, there is no interdisciplinary work at the regional level. A limited number of studies have all been conducted in the medical field. For this reason, it is important to determine the causes of dental diseases in children through dentists working at the provincial level, and the reasons are regionally and specifically at interdisciplinary level; Intervention programs regarding disease markers, management and intervention strategies, and preventive strategies should be established. Thanks to such activities to be carried out on health protection, it will facilitate the achievement of the goal of a healthy and well-being society. At the point of interdisciplinary studies, it is also thought that determining and interpreting the causes of dental diseases of children by integrating them with the field of child development will be a pioneer for future research. In this study it was aimed to examine the views of dentists, who work in Kırşehir center for mouth and dental health, about children’s mouth and dental health. The study group was determined using one of the purposeful sampling methods; the criterion sampling. The study was carried out with 10 dentists working in the oral and dental health center in Kırşehir. The interview technique, which is one of the qualitative research methods, was used. The interview form developed by the researchers was employed in the study. The form consisted of questions to determine the dentists’ view about the reasons of impairment in mouth and dental health of the children who live where the dentists work.  After the data collection process was completed, the doctors were coded as DH1, DH2, DH3…and so on. The dentists’ responds to each of the questions were grouped according to their similarity, they were commented and some quotations were given from the striking responds. Descriptive analysis was used for the evaluation of the data. It is believed that the findings obtained from the study can be used as a source for interdisciplinary studies about the protection of children’s mouth and dental health.

Keywords: tooth decay, disease, doctor, pediatrics, public health.