Zoom Fatigue and Its Consequences in COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Social Sciences in the 21st Century

Year: 2022



Zoom Fatigue and Its Consequences in COVID-19 Global Pandemic

İlayda Tüter



Zoom is an easy-to-use platform and contains many advantages. It allows people to connect and in some cases such as crowded classes it is very useful. Due to pandemic, there is a health risk for many of us, thus Zoom is a solution to this health risk as we can connect from the comfort of our house. This massive, abrupt pivot to fully online instruction provided both opportunities and challenges for educators in colleges and universities. Online education, which had been increasing its prevalence in recent years (Seaman et al., 2018), suddenly became the predominant method of instruction (Ralph, 2020). But Zoom poses many threats as well. One of the threats of Zoom is Zoom Fatigue (Jiang, 2020; Kaliouby, 2020; Khan, 2020; Lee, 2020; Tarhan & Tutgun-Ünal, 2021; Tutgun-Ünal & Tüter, 2021). The definition of Zoom Fatigue is tiredness, anxiety, and burnout/fatigue feelings due to overuse of a virtual platform. It is a common term like other experiences in COVID-19 pandemic. In this literature review, Zoom Fatigue is investigated in terms of not only physical but also mental and psychological ways it poses as well as its importance in terms of global education trends.

keywords: Education; Global Education; Platform; Zoom; Zoom Fatigue.