Resilient Leadership and Well-Being: A Bibliometric Analysis

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Management

Year: 2022



Resilient Leadership and Well-Being: A Bibliometric Analysis

Laveena Dewani



The apprehensive times in the organizations have impacted the leader fortitude, their mental and physical fitness which is seen rising tremendously in the recent years. Further, witnessing COVID -19 as the most fearful crisis of this era, the trends suggest more and more uncertain circumstances in the organizations affecting the leader’s resilience and well-being. The purpose of this paper was to study and understand the relationship between resilience and well-being and the impact of leader’s resilience on their well-being in innovative, challenging and disturbing times. In this paper, bibliometric analysis was done for developing the conceptual and intellectual structure of the studies. 179 articles were analyzed using the programming language RStudio, Biblioshiny and VOSViewer to identify the clusters. The thematic analysis had assisted in forecasting the trends of the studies. The results of the study found 5 clusters namely ‘Resilience and Well-being’, ‘Coping strategies’, ‘COVID – 19 and Resilience’, ‘Psychological Capital’ and ‘Mindfulness’. In the thematic map, the researchers found top 5 motor words for future study namely ‘culture’, ‘coping’, ‘community resilience’, ‘mindfulness’, ‘COVID’, ‘leadership development’ and ‘psychological well-being’. The paper also noted the significant authors, papers and their significant findings in the area, as well as the various collaboration networks between authors. There has been a huge shift in the studies over the last few years, and this paper presents different contexts in which resilience and well-being were related.

keywords: Psychological capital, Self-care, Stress, Coping strategies, COVID – 19, Leadership style.