The Street Vending Economy O2O Model Entrepreneurship Exploration

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2022



The Street Vending Economy O2O Model Entrepreneurship Exploration

Qian Wu, Yinglin Ying



New coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the domestic and foreign economy affected by large-scale, in response to the economic shutdown, some parts of China relaxed the spread of the economic policy and requirements, to promote the return to work and production, but in the process, street vendor economy itself defects is slowly emerging, we should also understand, in the face of the street vendor economy, we should not choose to indulge, but should seek to upgrade. With the development of the Internet, O2O mode attracts the attention of all walks of life in the new normal of the economy. On the characteristics of O2O operation mode, transformation advantages, and operation mode, we explore the O2O entrepreneurship mode, to find new ideas and new directions of economic transformation and upgrading, and explore the best choice of digital distribution economy.

keywords: ground stall economy, O2O mode, community economy.