Impact of COVID-19 on The Stock Price of Medical Shares in China

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2022



Impact of Professional Certifications and Practical Learning On the University Student

Iliana Ballester Panelli, M.A., Ph.D



There is an increasingly pressing need for universities to prepare competent professionals capable of innovation in professional and social settings. Educators are challenged to develop practical approaches to teaching and using technology to increase participation, student learning, and reduce the gap between what is taught in the classroom and the skills required by the job market. Industries and students generally value curricula that emphasize practical experience. This article presents three academic projects that prepare students for their first job and to be agents of change by providing authentic, ‘hands-on’ learning or based on real situations. Additionally, it introduces the use of professional certifications and how they are effectively integrated into academic curricula. Both efforts, learning by doing and professional certifications, have been conducive to preparing trained professionals to carry out their work and innovate in the environments in which they find themselves.

keywords: innovation; learn-by-doing; practical-learning; professional certifications; professional training.