From Macroeconomics to Personal Branding

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2022



From Macroeconomics to Personal Branding

Alba J. Brugueras-Fabre, PhD, Iliana Ballester-Panelli, PhD



For the past three years, a business and communication blended course has been taught in a team-teaching environment. This course exposes students to explore the current economic situation and to reflect on the economic condition of Puerto Rico and the possible alternatives for the future. Within this context, the course continues with a students’ guide for personal brand development as a strategy for their professional development, followed by personal finance and planning tools for their future. This first-year course is named: From Macroeconomics to Personal Branding and is a requirement for business majors and uses a challenge, discussion, and project-based methodology. Students’ surveys have indicated an average of 90% of content integration understanding, and 96% will recommend the course among peers. The objectives of this presentation are: 1) to present the experience of teaching this course in a country with a 14-year prolonged economic recession and populational loss, among other economic challenges, 2) to illustrate the relevance of content integration-blended courses in business education, and 3) to promote team-teaching methodologies among faculty members.

keywords: content integration; macroeconomics; personal brand; personal finance; team-teaching.