Why Do We Need Photovoltaics and Solar Energy? Interrogate an Old Question

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Modern Research in Engineering, Technology and Science

Year: 2021

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/4th.icmets.2021.07.04

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Why Do We Need Photovoltaics and Solar Energy? Interrogate an Old Question

Kambiz Hosseinpanahi, Setayesh Sajjadi



We may have heard multiple times that due to scarcity and reduction of oil and gas resources; it is essential for human beings to turn to renewable energy. Statistics and figures are also mentioned to express this issue, which shows how vital this global concern is. But is the compensation of fossil resources the only reason for changing our approach through renewable energies, especially solar and photovoltaic, or is there other motivation for this? If we had hundreds of centuries or even more time to access the sources of fossil fuels, would our view against solar energy, especially photovoltaic, remain the same? In this article, we intend to address the importance of photovoltaic energy and the need for this permanent existing energy resource from another perspective. It seems that the main motivator of this matter is modernity, development, and its consequences that force human beings to adapt themselves with them.  In this study, we explain the importance of the development in the photovoltaic field in today’s modern world and justify politicians and people to develop and use this type of energy. In fact, we need renewable energy, especially photovoltaics, to survive and thrive.

Keywords: Renewable Energies, Solar Energy, Modernity, Development, Utopia.