The Impact on Implementing Agile Methodology during Pandemic of Covid-19

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Modern Research in Engineering, Technology and Science

Year: 2021


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The Impact on Implementing Agile Methodology during Pandemic of Covid-19

Effah A. Kadasah and Danah Alabdulmohsin



The Covid-19 pandemic during 2020 and 2021 forced many companies and organizations to directly shift to remote working. The main goal of this research paper is to study the effect of the pandemic restrictions on software engineering teams who are already implementing Agile methodology or recently adopting Agile in their projects after the pandemic. The survey was distributed to people who are working on software engineering projects to get their feedback about how their work and production got affected by the pandemic. The survey focused on six main areas which are Agile adoption, the impact in Agile manifesto, the delivery of the project, methods and tools used, skills gained and improved, and last area was the challenges and advantages of the pandemic from participants’ point of view. We notice that many software projects during the pandemic period adopt the Agile method, whether they have been utilizing it previously or adopting it recently during the pandemic period, due to its flexibility, adaptability, resilience, and responsiveness. We also found out that software development projects implementing Agile methodology are less affected by the pandemic, based on the participants’ answers related to the main value of Agile and delivery of the project.

Keywords: Agile software development, Pandemic, Covid-19, Questionnaire, Remote working.