Teacher attitudes and challenges in inclusive classrooms

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Modern Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2022



Teacher attitudes and challenges in inclusive classrooms

Doc. Dr. Ambera Duka Dr. Shqipe Haxhihyseni



After the 90s, inclusive classes are a new reality in Albanian schools, supported by law 69/20121. But this new reality was accompanied by some challenges and difficulties.
This study focuses precisely on the attitudes of teachers in inclusive classrooms in the Albanian school, in order to determine the needs of teachers for an effective teaching. The study is a quantitative study regarding the research method. Data were collected from surveys conducted with teachers of Preschool and Primary Education were processed with the statistical program SPSS, version 20. The TSES2 and STATIC[1] instruments were used to measure the influencing factors on teachers’ attitudes.
The findings of the study show that factors such as: teaching experience, gender of teachers, their professional development play an important role in teachers’ attitudes. The need for intervention in elements such as: creating a suitable environment, ways of cooperating with parents, ways of adapting the curriculum for these children also emerged.
This study provides a contemporary overview of the analysis of teachers’ attitudes in inclusive classrooms. The findings of the study can serve as an incentive and orientation for the teachers of these classes as well as for the students.

keywords: inclusive classrooms, teacher attitudes, students with special needs.