How can Qatar improve SME support?

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance

Year: 2021


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How can Qatar improve SME support?

Shka. Maha K. Al Thani



Qatar is a classic petrostate. Vast wealth has flowed into the small nation based on the location of huge natural gas deposits. As development took place, the giant petroleum corporation and subsidiaries came to represent virtually all of Qatar’s national income. For a variety of reasons including social, political, and economic issues, entrepreneurial activity and the development of small and medium size enterprises have been stunted. The Qatari leadership has recognized this problem and been making strides in supporting entrepreneurs in a conscious effort to diversify the economy through the Qatar National Vision 2030. Along the way, Qatar has become a leader among Arab states in sustainability, in the recognition of the significance of women, and in government programs, policies, initiatives, and incentives to support the development of small and medium size businesses. This paper recognizes great strides that have been made by Qatar while also stressing that there remain great strides to be taken.

keywords: Macroeconomics; Qatar; SME; Vision.