Concept for competency-based resource allocation in multi-project environments

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance

Year: 2021


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Concept for competency-based resource allocation in multi-project environments

Michael Riesener, Maximilian Kuhn, Alexander Keuper, and Guenther Schuh



Many projects in multi-project environments are failing to meet their time and cost goals. To improve the situation it is advisable focus at a core discipline in multi-project management, which is resource allocation of personnel and corresponding project scheduling. Traditional methods often do not take into account the competencies of resources, resulting in suboptimal allocation decisions and lower project performance. To address this problem, there is a need for a competency-based resource allocation method that takes into account the skills and abilities of resources when allocating them to projects. The method presented involves fives steps starting with the description of project goals to enable the evaluation of the proposed resource allocation, followed by assessing the competencies of available resources in a competency model. Next, the competencies required for each project are determined on an activity level. In the fourth step, the impact of the presence or absence of competencies on the processing time of project activities is analysed. Finally, considering individual activity processing times for each resource, an allocation based on an optimization problem is suggested. The approach offers a promising solution for resource allocation in multi-project environments and can be applied in a variety of industries and contexts. Overall, this work contributes to the advancement of the research field on resource allocation in project management and highlights the importance of considering competencies and individual processing times of activities in this process.

keywords: Multi-project management, resource management, development projects