The Use of ICT in Educational Institutions in Paraguay and the Factors that Intervene

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2021


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The Use of ICT in Educational Institutions in Paraguay and the Factors that Intervene

Valentina Canese, Roberto Páez, Jessica Amarilla, Pamela Rodríguez



Research in education has produced vast information about the use of technology for the development of classes around the world. In Paraguay, there have been initiatives that promote the use of technology in schools to enhance the teaching and learning process. The objective of this study is to examine the use and scope of ICT in the classroom and to better understand teaching experiences in secondary education in Paraguay. The methodology used was quan-qual by means of an online questionnaire with closed and open-ended questions consisting of 30 questions on access to and use of technology in the classroom, teacher skills and training, and level of institutional support. A descriptive statistical analysis was carried out to identify the profile of teachers in terms of the level of ICT skills and limited access to technological resources in secondary education institutions. In addition, three factors associated with the professional perception of ICTs and 7 factors associated with the degree of appropriation of ICT were identified by means of Exploratory Factor Analysis including affordances, drawbacks and effectiveness as well as teacher planning, techno-pedagogical requirements, personalized materials, program needs, communication channels, curricular adjustments due to digital migration and classroom innovation. Based on this exploratory study, a probabilistic sample of all secondary public school teachers in Paraguay will be carried out to measure the use and appropriation of ICTs by teachers as key educational actors in order to inform public policy and to help enhance the role of ICTs in education.

keywords: ICT, factors, Paraguay, secondary education, teachers.