The evaluation of educational Robotics in e-learning

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2021


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The evaluation of educational Robotics in e-learning

Maria Chatzikyrkou, Apostolos Tsagaris



This paper deals with the issue of evaluation in the digital school for the subject of Educational Robotics, especially at the time of the pandemic of new coronavirus COVID (SARS-CoV-2). The research aims to investigate the inhibitory factors for the evaluation of Educational Robotics in the digital school, the ways to ensure the reliability of the evaluation and the degree of difficulty for the teacher to evaluate his learners through the digital school. The methods used in the research are qualitative and quantitative, the technique of semi-structured interview with sample selection of feasibility and the weighted SUS questionnaire with the five-point Likert scale. The data collection and statistical processing showed that the main problems faced by educators with e-learning are mainly the problematic internet connection and the lack of equipment. The hierarchy of problems is followed by the lack of interaction between student and instructor as well as the lack of emotional contact between the two. Educators, on the other hand, suggest ways of ensuring reliability through crisis questions and a combination of theoretical knowledge and laboratory activities. They also attach great importance to evaluation through scalable topics and to the intersection of questions in various ways. Finally, it turns out that the trainers emphasize the warned evaluation since the main purpose is the feedback. Quantitative research shows that online evaluation creates a strong will for frequent use, is not complex and exudes gentle confidence in use. It is easy to learn with gentle to strong agreement as well as easy to use. The help of a technician does not seem necessary and he is not clumsy in its use since no additional knowledge is needed to use e-learning evaluation in educational robotics.

keywords: evaluation, e-learning, educational robotics.