Remote simulator for Inverse Square Law experiments in nuclear physics

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2021


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Remote simulator for Inverse Square Law experiments in nuclear physics

Kouichi Julián Andrés Cruz, Gustavo Lazarte, Alejandra Lucia Pérez Lucero, Norma Adriana Chautemps and Walter Miguel Keil



In this work, we present a prototype of a simulator of the Inverse Square Law for nuclear radiation, targeted to laboratories teaching Nuclear Physics and related sciences, both in universities and high schools. This simulator provides a way for schools, training centers and universities to provide their students with the possibility of performing experimentation on this physical property, especially for those that do not have access to a laboratory with the adequate radioprotection for the experimenters. The equipment simulates data based on a real experiment that validates the Law, thereby allowing users to visualize the effects of it without manipulating real radioactive elements, in a safe, cost-effective and simple way. In this way, users can do laboratory practices that allow them to integrate theoretical concepts and their practical counterparts, without having to be concerned about the risks inherent to performing the real experiment. The simulator was designed with remote access in mind, allowing end users to perform these experiments regardless of their location, as many times as they like to, in order to successfully understand the applications of the Law in practical environments. In addition, this also facilitates sharing knowledge of Nuclear Physics beyond the local scope of the university.

keywords: teaching, experiments, remote, simulator, inverse square law.