Green Cosmetic: Trends, Challenges and Future Scope in India

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference On Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2021


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Green Cosmetic: Trends, Challenges and Future Scope in India

Surabhi Acharya, Dr. Santosh Bali



Because of its extensive chemical use, India has a lot of environmental problems. As detected in India, growth spurts have affected the system that has led to numerous irregularities. However, the environmental contaminants have not impacted the atmosphere alone. There is increasing worry about the health hazards associated with the use of non-green artificial goods that react with the figures. This has led to many disorders of the skin and hair. The dramatic change in the environment has led people to realise the significance of being natural and organic. The views of existing consumers have also altered entirely according to the changes in the business environment. The consumers today become more informed and this is frequently shown in the shopping for cosmetics prospects.

This study examines green cosmetics in India, the trends, problems and potential scope. It attempts to identify the many consumer problems, while going from non-green to inexperienced cosmetics. It is stated by adequate study that adjustments must be taken by marketers to segment, target and motivate the broadly dispersed consumer base.

keywords: Green Cosmetics, Trends, Future Scope, Challenges.