Food and Beverage Innovative Product Development Model

Proceedings of ‏The 4th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2020


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Food and Beverage Innovative Product Development Model

Smita Mortero , Prof. Dr. Jirarat Anantagool , Prof. Emeritus3 Dr. Achara Chandrachai



The research aimed to develop the process of the innovative products that can be applied to food and beverage products with a systematic review of the literature, considering various ideas and theories. The study found that they are discussed in a wide gap. Next, the study aimed to explore the acceptance of the food and beverage innovative product development model. Nowadays, the product life cycle cannot go on as the market changes, so there are limitations, led to create the model which is divided into 3 Phases, Phase 1 Product Design Development, Phase 2 Prototype and Phase 3 Industry Scale and Commercialization. Then, the research results explore that the acceptance of the model using the focus group method. It is known that many entrepreneurs of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) did not develop a systematic product, made it failed in a situation with a lot of competitors in the market and difficulty adapting and solving problems. When entrepreneurs have studied step by step of the food and beverage innovative product development model, it makes easier to understand and have more direction for product development to bring about new products or processes in lower costs and increased income. There is a proper use of time and save resources, including raw materials, personnel, as well as reducing environmental destruction and using full efficiency resources. This model is role as a circle can be made more products line from the same resources which is back to create from the detail of the product design and also, can be start a new thing on the concept development.

Keywords: Food and Beverage Innovation; RDI; Entrepreneur; SME; Innovative Product Development Model.