Implementing Flipped Approach in Betterment of English-Speaking Skills for Undergraduates

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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Implementing Flipped Approach in Betterment of English-Speaking Skills for Undergraduates

Olga Kissová



This study aimed to investigate the flipped and traditional classroom approaches to improve undergraduates’ communications skills in English lessons. Communicating effectively in English in line with current operating technology in online learning is based on the student-centred flipped approach as not just the task of the academic world but a high-demand request of the global labour market that has increased significantly after the Covid-19 shift. The theoretical research was focused on flipped learning/teaching strategies, pillars, and factors, planning the lesson in experimental (flipped) group (N=25) and traditional classroom (N=25), providing the same content in both groups. In research, both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used. Participants were 50 students randomly taken from the bachelor’s degree of study of University Zilina, Slovakia (Financial management) approximately with the same level of English. Questionnaires (5-Likert scale questionnaires, open-ended questions) were taken after and before the intervention. Data were analysed statistically using SPSS software. Findings revealed that the flipped approach enhanced communication skills as a result of active students’ participation, reducing their speaking anxiety based on proper home study preparation (students own pace-learning, stress-free environment, reviewing videos), undergraduates were involved in more deep discussions during lessons implementing high-level of thinking (analysing, analysing, evaluating) that have a positive impact on creativity, learners’ motivation, self-awareness, and satisfaction.

keywords: crcommunicative skills; flipped vs traditional classroom; pros & cons of flipped learning; technology in education; Bloom’s Taxonomy.