On The Way to a Healthy Spine in the Workplace

Proceedings of The 4th International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2021


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On The Way to a Healthy Spine in the Workplace

Petra Havaj Kuharič



When performing numerous activities such as sedentary work duties, working on a computer or phone, reading, etc., we are forced to round forward our entire back. If we do not analyse our posture and if we are not familiar with the proper body positions, we cannot adjust them to individual situations. The present article presents the results of an online research in which my work colleagues (class and subject teachers, school counsellors) took part. There were 36 teachers included in the research. The findings show that 60 % of teachers experience pain in a lumbar area, and 53 % of teachers experience pain in the neck area of the spine. Although 82 % of respondents are familiar with the exercises for a healthy spine and exercises for a better posture, 62 % of them responded that they care for their spine “a little or not enough”. Research participants partially adapt and rearrange their workplace (we need to keep in mind that the research was made during the period of distance learning). According to the research, 53 % of respondents do not pay enough attention to a correct position of a neck area. All participants included in the research would like to learn more about prevention measures which help to reduce strains on the body and consequently reduce the likelihood of spine injuries as well. There are enough reasons to study teachers’ workplace and to form a programme which will encourage teachers to perform exercises for a healthy spine regularly in order to prevent the most frequent spine problems. However, the question remains: “How to motivate teachers to change their habits and movement patterns and incorporate daily practice of these exercises into the workplace as well as their home environment?”

keywords: teachers’ body posture, healthy spine, teachers’ workplace, work ergonomy, sedentary lifestyle.