Evaluation Matrix For Distance Education In Health – The Fourth-Generation Health Assessment

Proceedings of The 4th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2021


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Evaluation Matrix For Distance Education In Health – The Fourth-Generation Health Assessment

Kellen Cristina da Silva Gasque; Diego Diz Ferreira; Claudia Flemming Colussi; Marta Verdi; Alysson Feliciano Lemos; Fernando Hellmann; Mauro Serapioni; Fernando Massignam; Roberto Silvino da Cunha; Maria Esther Souza Baibich; Eliane Ricardo Charneski; Leonardo Cançado Monteiro Savassi; Luana Silvestre Pereira dos Santos



This work considers the courses offered by the Open University of the Brazilian Unified Health System (UNA-SUS), in the context of permanent health education, that enabled the qualification of millions of health professionals. An evaluation matrix composed of indicators, measures and parameters was built, which was later adapted to a software that can be used in different educational contexts. The methodological model adopted based on the fourth-generation health assessment, whose participatory component has great relevance and was carried out with stakeholders and experts. Searches focused on the health evaluation descriptor, such as evaluation of health courses, of distance education courses, health evaluation models, indicators of distance courses, parameters in health courses, evaluation courses in continuing education. Matrix is composed of (I) Course characteristics and educational resources, related to the teaching team, curriculum structure, information and communication technologies, teaching strategies, teaching materials and interactive processes; (II) Course management, related to technical-administrative management and monitoring and evaluation of the course; and (III) Results. The system developed from the matrix was produced as a web application, accessible from any location through web browsers.  The following interfaces were built: User Access; Production manager; Demand Manager and Supply Manager. The process of constructing the evaluative matrix is ​​presented, with its adaptation and validation steps, and the description of the requirements and prototyping of the software screens.

keywords: online education assessment; online courses; evaluation matrix; health assessment; continuing health education.