Addressing Brazilian Health Workforce Need For Qualification During Covid-19 Pandemic

Proceedings of The 4th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2021


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Addressing Brazilian Health Workforce Need For Qualification During Covid-19 Pandemic

Prof. Dr. Kellen Cristina Da Silva Gasque, Jonatas Reis Bessa, Alysson Feliciano Lemos, Moreno Magalhães de Souza Rodrigues, Henrique Pereira Alves



COVID-19 outbreak has rapidly transitioned into a worldwide pandemic and, despite widespread panic and scenario of uncertainty, there was an immediate need to qualify the health work force to assure effectiveness, quality and promptness of the response to this emergency. Thus, the Open University of the Brazilian Health System, a network composed of 35 public educational institutions responsible for the production of courses and educational resources in health, organized itself to qualify health workers to the Covid-19 fight. Our goal was to analyze Covid-19 themed courses produced by this network, accessing the enrollment database and results from the Enrollment and Completion surveys. From March to December 2020, there was a total of 1,369,797 enrollments and 30.60% were linked to COVID-19. Health professionals represented 38.44% of enrollments. Of these, 77.65% were women, 42.85% Caucasian (self-declared), and median aged 29 years. The highest number of enrollments occurred in “Diseases caused by emerging respiratory viruses, including COVID-19-19”, presenting a completion rate of 70%. On average completion rates were around 50%. Enrollments were higher in states where fewer educational opportunities were available. Completion survey was answered by 60,808 certified students and most of them reported that they felt more prepared to deal with activities related to the course content at work, the course content fit to their learning expectations. Most certified students accessed courses from home or from their workplace. Considering the results, it is possible to conclude that Covid-19 themed courses fulfill the need for qualification of the Brazilian health workforce.

keywords: qualification; Continuing Education; health education; covid-19.