Class and State: The Rise of State Racism through Nationalism

Proceedings of ‏The World Conference on Social Sciences Studies

Year: 2021


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Class and State: The Rise of State Racism through Nationalism

Antonio López



Contemporary historiography on racism suggests that this form of social aversion was rooted in the developing ideologies of the 18th century. In turn, ideologies seem to have been socially constructed as models of intersections of oppression. Ultimately, since Modernity class and nation-states as institutions have channeled several racial phenomena through their union with patriotism, which is commonly known as exacerbated nationalism or chauvinism. This research synthesizes the role of racism in its relationship with social classes and, in turn, their association with contemporary nation-states’ position. It is suggested that there is a socially constructed State racism through patriotic feelings of belonging whose objective is to strengthen social classes’ role. Ultimately, it is argued that classes, through narratives and images about the function, origin, and identity of the nation-state, sediment racist feelings, among other types of emotions, to reproduce and develop inequality.

Keywords: Classism; ideology; patriotism; race; social class.