An Analysis of TK Integration into Pedagogy within the Framework of TPACK

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2021


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An Analysis of TK Integration into Pedagogy within the Framework of TPACK

Xue Bai



This paper intends to explore some more satisfactory ways to integrate technology into curriculum development, as it concludes that technology plays an important role in the process of the technological integration within the framework of TPACK. Therefore, this paper starts with defining where technology operates within the framework of TPACK. Then it will discuss the availability of technology and the underlying reasons for the preference and constraints of some technology in pedagogical practice. This paper finds out that technology is an integral part of pedagogical activities but the integration of technology into curriculum is a complex domain highly dependent on context, because the technological integration into curriculum involves the change of part or the whole of teaching context but the consequent changes are difficult to be evaluated as positive or  negative only in terms of technology, even though technology is an essential ingredient for factors within the framework of TPACK and pedagogical practice. Moreover, this paper comes to the conclusion that technological integration is subjected to the constraints of technology itself and teaching contexts, especially teachers’ attitudes. Since technology as a tool is beneficial to improve the quality of teaching or transform teaching activities into new forms, it would be helpful if we take into consideration from a holistic view the context of the integration of technology into pedagogical practice.

Keywords: TAPCK; technological Knowledge; pedagogical practice; technological preference; constraints of technology.