Employer branding practices: Attracting the young talents of Generation Z

Proceedings of The 3rd World Conference on Management, Business and Economics

Year: 2022



Employer branding practices: Attracting the young talents of Generation Z

Uma Parameshwari S, Nisha R



In recent times, the war for talent has reached a new dimension, the employer’s find it difficult to retain employees. In this scenario, the concept of employer branding will help organisations to hire talented workforce, the stronger the employer branding the greater the adherence of employees to the organisation. Hence there is a need for the study of employer branding perspective among various generations.
Today’s organisations witness a mix of workforce ranging from Baby boomers to millennials and now Generation Z. The career expectations of these different category of work force are different. This paper tries to understand the employer branding practices that is carried out by various organisations in order to attract the young talents of generation Z.
This study is empirical in nature that attempts to understand the various criteria such as social media branding, Internal branding, External branding, perception of generation z. This paper tries to find out the employer branding factors which the Generation Z consider most attractive.
This study focusses on the young Generation Z workforce in the geographical locations of Chennai city.
This study will be an eye opener in understanding the pulse of generation Z which greatly help the organisations to re-engineer their HR Policies and branding strategy to hire the best talented workforce.

keywords: Employer branding; External branding; Generation Z; Internal branding; Social media branding.