What Variables and How Do it Affect Learning Co-Creation between Teacher and Students at School?

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd World Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2021

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/3rd.worldcre.2021.06.365

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What Variables and How Do it Affect Learning Co-Creation between Teacher and Students at School?

Vilma Zydziunaite, Lina Kaminskiene ,Vaida Jurgile



Seeking to discover what vriables and how influence the components of learning co-creation between teacher and students at school (teachers’ positive attitudes about themselves, teachers’ positive attitudes about school, teachers’ activeness and stress experienced in school), 7 multifaceted linear regression analyses were performed (by using SPSS 21.0), during which seven models for predicting learning co-creation based on individual independent variables emerged. Data were collected on February-December, 2019 from the sample of 418 teachers from five biggest regions of Lithuania. In the research were used the questionnaire with 2 parts, 14 topics, 110 items.  Results showed that stress negatively predicts positive attitudes about oneself as a teacher and favorable attitudes about school, and positively predicts activeness at school; stress for teachers is driven by the disobedience of students during lessons, a heavy workload, time allocated to evaluating students’ work, being active at school. Teachers with more favorable attitudes towards school create more positive attitudes about themselves, are more active in school and experience less stress. The time teachers must allocate to assessing students’ work exhausts their internal resources and leads to stress and less activeness at school. Teachers’ attitudes towards school are more favorable, the less time they have spent working at the same school.  The fact that the time worked by teachers in the same school is a negative predictor of a favorable attitude towards school suggests that teachers working longer in the same school experience fatigue, or perhaps burn-out.

Keywords: stress; student; teacher attitude; time allocation; workload.