COVID-19 Impacts on Tourism Industry

Proceedings of The 3rd World Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2022



COVID-19 Impacts on Tourism Industry

Bilal Ahmed



In 21st century tourism industry revenue drops due to COVID-19 before this virus tourism industry captured one of the world’s substantial markets. The major goals of this research are to show how tourists react during a pandemic and how COVID-19 affects the tourism industry globally. According to TripAdvisor forums data tourism sector is badly affected by global crises all over the world. As the news of COVID-19 spreads travelers cancelled their plans same day and airlines face losses as the customers’ demands for refund of their air tickets, hotel booking was cancelled, tourism sites were closed, and traditional events were postponed.

COVID-19 is not only taking the valuable lives, but also destroying the business sectors. Many businesses shut down due to pandemic, people lost their jobs which led to increase in unemployment and poverty rate. Whether countries are developed or undeveloped, it is very difficult to feed the whole nation from government funds for long term. Similar to other countries Pakistan also faced huge failure in tourism sectors.

keywords: COVID-19, Tourism Industry, Tourism Business in Pakistan, Pandemic, Epidemic.