The festival space and urban tourism of Dihua Street in Taipei City

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Tourism Management and Hospitality

Year: 2023



The festival space and urban tourism of Dihua Street in Taipei City

Szu-Yin Liu




DiHua Street plays an important role in the festive activities of Taipei City today. Many festivals such as the Taipei Xiahai City God Culture Festival, the Dadaocheng Valentine’s Day, and the Lunar New Year Festival are held on DiHua Street. It is also a popular tourist destination for foreign visitors to Taipei. The blend of Chinese and Western styles in the Baroque and red brick buildings from Qing dynasty on both sides of Di Hua Street reflects an eclectic mix of cultures. Although the street declined in the past due to changes in industry, today, it has been redefined by local residents’ inheritance and innovation, and it has become one of Taipei City’s tourist and cultural heritage sites.

Over the past twenty years, the Taipei City government has regularly held large-scale festival activities on Di Hua Street. Local organizations have also joined in the management of the festivals, and through urban and local tourism plans, they have promoted local economic development. In addition to analyzing the historical and geographical context of Di Hua Street, the author also hopes to conduct on-site research through different festivals held on Di Hua Street to explore how different festival elements are distributed in the urban space. This can help future festival planners to develop corresponding plans based on the texture of the city.

keywords: Taipei City, Heritage Tourism, Urban tourism, Tourism Development, Fesival